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Backing Up Data

                One of the most common concerns when getting a computer repaired, recycling one, or trading it in for a newer model is the data on the original machine. Most everyone has photos, documents, etc… that they have saved to their hard drive and they want to keep. Luckily there are a ton of options as far as what you can do to help preserve that precious data, and the best part is, you do not have to choose just one. In fact, we recommend using a combination of these options to maximize your peace of mind.


The most simple and straightforward way to back up data is to copy it to another drive of some sort; whether that be a hard drive, a solid state, a flash drive, even an SD card. Connecting that drive to your computer and doing a simple “copy/paste” of your data will ensure that your data is available in more than one place. In order to ensure the safety of your data, feel free to do this multiple times to multiple drives if you feel so inclined!

                A newer but effective method of data conservation is to use a cloud-based service, such as One Drive, or of course iCloud. This process can be a bit more complicated to set up than using another drive, but once it is in place, it can make backing up an effortless endeavor going forward. The data is not copied to a local drive; instead it is saved on servers provided by whichever service you chose. For some people that is an uncomfortable thought, while for others it may be the perfect solution.


Another great way to go for data back-up is to use the services of a computer repair shop. If the process is unknown to you or you simply do not want to attempt it yourself and risk losing data, enlist the services of a local computer repair shop. They will be able to set you up with the right back-up solution for you, and show you how to access your copied data. For someone who may be a bit intimidated by computers, this is the ideal choice!

                Whichever road you choose to take, whether it be a drive, the cloud, or a computer repair shop, backing up your data can be crucially important. If you have things on your PC or Mac that you care about, always have copies. Data loss can be heartbreaking, and we do not want to see anyone go through it!


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