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Welcome to Desert Computer Solutions, your go-to source for structured cabling and network cabling services across the greater Phoenix area. Whether you're setting up a new office or upgrading your current infrastructure, understanding the benefits of a well-designed structured cabling system is crucial for your business's efficiency and growth.


What is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling forms the backbone of any business's IT infrastructure. This system consists of an organized ensemble of cables, panels, and connectors that facilitates the telecommunications infrastructure for data transmission, phone services, and more. The standardization of these components ensures compatibility and simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting.

Types of Network Cabling Used in Structured Cabling Systems

Various types of cables are used depending on the needs of the business. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Cable Types
Use Cases
Twisted pair (e.g., Cat6, Cat6a)
Cost-effective, supports high data speeds
Ethernet cabling for offices, VoIP phones
Fiber optic
High capacity, less signal loss over long distances
Data centers, large networks
Durability, good for broadband signals
Video transmissions, internet connections

In the Phoenix region, Ethernet cabling solutions like Cat6 and Cat6a are popular for their balance of performance and cost-effectiveness. They are especially suited for businesses in Tempe and Mesa where fast communication is essential.

Benefits of Properly Installed Structured Cabling

A well-implemented structured cabling system can drastically transform your business operations:

  • Scalability: Easily add new devices without disrupting the existing infrastructure.

  • Reduced downtime: Organized cabling reduces the chances of errors and disconnections.

  • Improved data speed and efficiency: With high-quality Cat6 or Cat6a cables, expect faster data transmission, which is critical for applications like real-time data processing and online transactions.

Our structured cabling services cater to all types of businesses, offering tailored solutions that include:

  • Small businesses: Cost-effective Cat6 and Cat6a setups that meet the needs of most small offices.

  • Large enterprises and data centers: High-density fiber optic systems that provide the bandwidth and speed required for extensive network operations.

Common Structured Cabling Solutions

Choosing the Right Structured Cabling Provider in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Mesa

Selecting a competent provider is paramount. Here’s what to consider:


  • Experience and Certification: Look for a provider with a proven track record and necessary certifications.

  • Local Reviews: Check feedback from other businesses in the Phoenix area to gauge reliability and service quality.

  • After-service Support: Ensure they offer robust support and maintenance post-installation.

Our team offers decades of combined experience in network cabling across Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Mesa. We're ready to help you build a cabling infrastructure that not only meets today's demands but also future-proofs your business. Investing in a high-quality structured cabling system is crucial for any business in Phoenix. With the right setup, such as Cat6, and Cat6a ethernet cabling, your business can enjoy improved performance, scalability, and reliability. Contact us today to find out how our local expertise can enhance your business operations with optimal network cabling solutions.



Call our office now to schedule a consultation and see how our tailored cabling solutions can benefit your business.

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