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Is your laptop running slow, or not at all? Broken LCD screen? Having trouble connecting to the Internet? What would you do if your hard drive crashed or you have a virus? Desert Computer Solutions in Tempe, AZ is here to help.


At Desert Computer Solutions we offer a wide range of laptop repair services including; screen repair, DC jack repair, keyboard repair, hinge repair, fan repair and more. We fix all brands of laptops. It doesn't matter what kind of problem you have, we can help with any laptop issue you may encounter.​

Fast, reliable computer repair

Quality OEM replacement parts

Over 12 years in business

All repairs backed by a 90-day warranty

Highly trained, experienced staff

All computer repairs


If you have dropped your computer or perhaps dropped something on your computer and can see the screen is cracked it’s time to replace the laptop screen. However, you may encounter other laptop screen problems that aren’t so obvious and may require a bit of diagnosing or technical expertise to completely determine what your laptop screen repair needs are.

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Laptop DC Jack Repair in Tempe, AZ


A broken laptop DC Jack is actually quite common. If you experience problems with your laptop such as, it only runs when you hold the power cord, only runs on battery, will not charge or suddenly shuts off then chances are the laptop DC Jack is broken and you will need a DC jack repair.

Laptop fan repair


Laptop computers have an internal fan designed to keep the internal components such as the CPU, graphics cards and keyboard from overheating. While your computer is in use the fan is operating to keep the system cool but it is common for laptops to overheat and get damaged if the fan becomes dirty, wears out or just stops working all together and is no longer cooling the critical components of the laptop. You may notice your laptop shutting off randomly; this may be due to overheating caused by an inoperable fan which will require a laptop fan repair service.

Laptop hinge repair in Arizona


A broken laptop hinge is irritating as well as a serious problem to say the least. Unfortunately, hinges are not always easy to repair or replace on laptop computers. Some laptop hinges not only hold the LCD screen but they are also part of the overall structure of a laptop. Something as simple as a broken laptop hinge can mean the difference between a working and a nonworking laptop computer.

Laptop keyboard repair company


Laptop keyboard repairs are very common. Of course repairing or replacing your laptop keyboard depends on why your laptop keyboard is not working to begin with. Perhaps the keys fell off, nothing appears on the screen when a key is pressed or maybe your Café Latte just spilled all over your keyboard.

Newer laptop keyboards may have a spill resistant aspect which prevents the liquid from seeping into your laptop and causing more damage while others do not and a spill can cause more damage than just a ruined keyboard, none the less, replacement is the solution. If the keys fell off it’s more cost effective to replace the entire keyboard while replacing the keyboard flex cable may resolve a non-performance issue.

For laptop keyboard repair it may be best to leave it to an experienced computer repair technician since some keyboards install from the top but most require the entire computer to be disassembled and the motherboard removed just to install the new keyboard.



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