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Desert Computer Solutions offers a full range of computer repair solutions to meet your entire home and business needs. Our experienced staff provides complete computer repair services for desktops, laptops and tablets.​ We are a full service computer repair company servicing Windoes, Apple and Linux.

Fast, reliable computer repair

Quality OEM replacement parts

Over 15 years in business

All repairs backed by a 90-day warranty

Highly trained, experienced staff

All computer repairs

Fix Computer in Tempe, AZ | Desert Computer Solutions


Computer optimization or PC tune up is a very essential element of keeping your computer running quickly and smoothly. As your computer hard disk becomes cluttered and fragmented with software, files, pictures, apps, music and more it becomes sluggish and slow to open those files or connect to the internet. A shortage of physical or virtual memory, spyware, malware or startup programs that are not essential are also a huge culprit of a slow running computer. In today’s world of computer technology and necessity, we all want and need our computer to run as fast as it possibly can. To help achieve this our PC Tune-up Service will address these issues and get you back to running at maximum efficiency.



Some available means of software installation include installing or updating software from a downloaded file or installing new software from a disc. Although some software can be executed by simply copying it to a computer and then executing it with no further action required, other programs are supplied in a form not suitable for immediate execution and require an installation procedure.


Almost all computers can have internal hardware upgrades or replacements installed to make them work again, run quicker, store more information, connect to the latest in high-speed internet or support the latest and greatest network printer. One of the most common computer upgrade hardware installations is memory or RAM which boosts your computer’s performance.  As for computer repair, all hard drives fail at some point so a hardware installation of a new hard drive is inevitable. 

Computer Repair Services | Desert Computer Solutions


Transferring data from one hard drive to another device may not always be an easy task. Settings such as registry values, activation keys and user preferences are nearly impossible to move from one place to another for someone who does not have the technical expertise of data manipulation and transfer. There are many transfer options available from hard drive to hard drive, hard drive to new computer, thumb drive to external drive and the list goes on. Our data transfer service is available for small to large complex jobs and can be done on almost any device.

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The operating system is software that manages your entire computer system. It controls all hardware and all other software programs installed on your computer. Specifically, it controls every file, every device, every section of memory, every second of processing time, and every network connection. All operating systems require regular updating from the manufacturer to keep it running smooth, fix bugs, support other software or devices and much more. Today an operating system can be downloaded from manufacturer sites as well as provided on a CD/DVD. Installing or reinstalling an Operating System is no easy task.  You may choose a clean installation that will erase everything from your computer, or a repair installation which will copy over Windows but keep your files.

Fix Computer Repair in Tempe, AZ | Desert Computer Solutions


Since data recovery is a very difficult, time-consuming and expensive process and there is never a guarantee that you will be able to recover your data from a system crash the best policy is to back up the important data you have on your computer. All computer users should know that data stored on hard drives is vulnerable and can be easily lost in many different ways.

When you perform a data backup of your files you are storing your files separately from your computer, this way, if your computer crashes or is infected with a virus that results in a loss of your data you will still have your data on backup drives, cloud storage or whatever other backup device you choose to use. You can then restore your files to your computer from these backup sources after the problem that caused your computer to lose data has been repaired.

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