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Tips to Make Laptop Battery Last Longer

Tips to Make Laptop Battery Last Longer

Is your laptop dying after a couple hours of use? Most laptop batteries last 2-4 hours when in use and not being charged. Laptop battery time is dependent on a lot of things running on the computer and how you’ve setup energy and power modes. Here is a list of things that you can do on your laptop to make the battery last longer.

Increase Laptop Battery Life

  1. Reduce monitor brightness – this will significantly extend your battery when in use

  2. Keep battery fully charged before using it without power

  3. Close apps that are not in use and running in the background

  4. Turn off or hibernate when laptop is not being used

  5. Use “Power Save Mode” to use less power when laptop is on

  6. Use “Energy Saver” on MacOS or “Battery Performance Slider” on Windows

  7. Check power and sleep settings

  8. Keep out of extreme heat or cold – don’t leave in car

  9. Remove screen savers

  10. Sync emails less so system is not constantly checking for new messages

  11. Purchase a battery backup

There could be other factors that are slowing down your laptop battery life. Call Desert Computer Solutions today at 602-295-5918 to learn more about our Phoenix laptop repair services or purchasing a refurbished laptop.


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