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How to Speed Up Your Computer

How to Speed Up Your Computer

Is your computer running slow? Slow computer performance over time is normal and can be caused by a variety of things including outdated software, viruses or system malware or just overall software issues. Over time and years of use, computer components can wear down and then slow down your computer. Some simple fixes can be done at home or some may need a professional computer technician to get your computer back to its optimal performance.

One of the first and easiest fixes is to simply restart your computer. Many people leave their computer running 24/7 and never close down or restart their computer. When you restart your computer, it will force and stop the running of all the tasks, software, processes, windows and programs that are visibly running and also shut down those that are running behind the scenes. This should be the first thing you do to see if just a simple reboot will get your computer speed back to normal.

You may also have programs and tasks automatically running on your computer that will slow the whole system down. On a PC, you will need to open the Windows Task Manager (right-click Windows Start icon in the lower-left corner, select Task Manager) to view the running programs. You will be able to view and quit the programs that are taking up CPU and memory space. On a Mac, you can simply hit Cmd + Alt + Escape to get a list of all running programs and then hit QUIT to automatically close specific programs.

Another issue that slows down your computer is overall space availability. After many years of use, your computer may be storing old programs or applications, temporary files, log files, hundreds of large videos or photos, setup log files and more. You can go through your computer files to delete old programs or files. You may not be aware of which programs you can safely delete or which programs are necessary to keep your system running. You can work with a professional computer repair company that can go deep into the computer system to clean out applications and files that are not required. At Desert Computer Solutions, we can provide a full PC tune up, add more memory or update your hard drive and get your computer back to running at maximum efficiency

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Viruses and system malware may be the culprit of your computer’s slow performance. When a virus infects your computer, it takes over the computer’s resources in the background so that you may not even be aware that your computer has been infected. You can purchase antivirus software that can scan for issues and protect you from future threats. If you currently do not have antivirus protection, Desert Computer Solutions provides a complete and thorough virus removal service and antivirus software installation to help protect your computer from further intrusions.

There are many different reasons of why your computer is running slow. From viruses, RAM issues to limited disk drive space, the technician experts at Desert Computer Solutions offer a full range of computer repair solutions that will get your computer back to running like new. All repairs are backed by a 90-day warranty. Contact Desert Computer Solutions today at 602-295-5918 to help speed up your computer or learn more about our computer repair services here.


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