Today most of us find that having just one computer in the home is not enough. By having multiple computers, you can have a home network service which allows the computers to communicate with each other and share things such as files, printers, internet connection and games to name a few. Home networks basically have the same components; multiple computers, router and software that allows the exchange of information and a path for that information to flow throughout your home network.



 After selecting and purchasing your new computer and devices, the task of computer installation can be quite complicated and technical. When performing a new computer setup, it is important to configure your system with the additional devices you may have purchased such as a printer or monitor as well working with your existing provider. With our New Computer Setup Service, our trained computer technicians will come to you and perform a complete computer setup and ready your system for immediate use.  



Shortly after the first phone cord was connected to a computer technicians around the world began trying to figure out how to cut the cord. Technology has made great advances in the last few years and now we have various wireless devices available within our wireless network. Whether you are setting up a wireless laptop, installing a wireless printer, wireless keyboard or other wireless devices to your desktop or laptop, the convenience of managing fewer wires with fewer constraints is best.



The most common peripheral device is a printer. Whether you buy a wireless printer or a standard wired printer, setup will be required. With your computer being the core or host, your printer is an extension of your computer which allows your computer to have more capabilities such as printing or scanning a document. Regardless of a wired or wireless printer, there is no way of your computer connecting to or understanding any printer without a little help from a user and some software to get your printer setup.


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