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The Easiest Way to Sell Old Electronics for Cash

Computers, phones and tablets continue to advance in technology and with that comes an increase in the number of electronics that someone has in their household. People are constantly replacing their current electronics with the availability of a newer and better model. With the increase of electronic consumption comes larger quantities of waste. In the US alone, over 151 million phones are tossed in the garbage every year. Majority of the electronics that are thrown away are either in working condition or can be repaired and used again. Importantly, if old phones or computers are not disposed of properly, toxins from electronic waste can enter the soil and water supplies.

Sell Old Electronics for Cash

Do you have unused computers, cell phones or iPads sitting around? The average American has an average of $199 worth of unused electronics and about 83% of Americans have an old cell phone collecting dust. Desert Computer Solutions in Arizona offers cash for certain electronics. Instead of dealing with all of the back and forth and meeting up with someone when selling your old phone or computer on eBay or Facebook, save yourself time and sell direct to Desert Computer Solutions.

What Electronics Can You Sell to Desert Computer Solutions

· MacBooks & iMacs

· PC Computers

· PC Laptops

· iPhones

· iPads

The price that you’ll get for your old electronics will depend on the brand, condition and age of that device. Desert Computer Solutions can also recycle any of your old electronics that are not able to be sold through our buyback program. If you’re concerned about the data that you have on your old device, Desert Computer Solutions can also create a backup for a fee and will securely destroy any data left on the hard drive or phone.

Save time by selling your old electronics for cash at Desert Computer Solutions. Call us today at 602-295-5918 or learn more about our electronic buyback program here.


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