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What is Data Destruction?

What is Data Destruction | Desert Computer Solutions

In today’s world, personal information is so valuable and exchanged online for top dollar.

What is Data Destruction?

Data destruction is the process of destroying data that is stored on hard drives or disks, tapes or other forms of electronic media so that it can never be accessed by anyone else. This data is destroyed so that if anyone else gets access to the device there is absolutely no way for them to get anything from it. The goal of data destruction is to make it completely unrecoverable regardless of how it was originally stored. The process also includes ensuring that the data cannot be recovered and used for unauthorized purposes.

A recent study shows that less than 10% of all hard drives sold second-hand still hold personal information and did not have data destroyed before the next user purchased it. There are different types of data destruction from wiping out the device, overwriting data, electronic shredding and reformatting.

Recycle or Sell Your Old Electronics

Whether you’re a small or large business owner or you just want to ensure that no important data gets into the wrong hands, Desert Computer Solutions will ensure all of your data is removed and unrecoverable. All data destruction service is performed locally at our secured facility in Phoenix, Arizona. We provide a Certificate of Data Destruction to each of our customers upon request. Our certificates include a complete list of serial numbers, model, make and date of destruction for all media. We will recycle your computer and follow all Arizona and federal regulations and guidelines to recycle your e-waste responsibly. We also buy your used electronics for cash and will ensure all data is removed before the next user buys it.

Contact Desert Computer Solutions today at 602-295-5918 to properly dispose and destroy all data on your old computer or learn more about our electronic recycling here.


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