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Importance of Data Destruction

1. Data Destruction through Desert Computer Solutions makes things a lot easier. If you’re a business that have hard drives or electronic devices that have reached the end of its life cycle, it can be easier to choose a Desert Computer Solutions to take care of your device. Desert Computer Solutions will even pick up your e-waste and take it directly to an offsite location where your data will securely be destroyed! The entire process becomes much easier when you get Desert Computer Solutions to help you with your e-waste.

2. Data destruction will bring you peace of mind knowing your data is safe. The physical destruction of information is the safest way to protect your company from data breach. It is the only method of data destruction that can 100% guarantee your data will never be recovered.

3. Data destruction can help protect both customers and employees. Companies gather sensitive information from employees and customers alike. Employees trust you with identifying information such as social security numbers, phone numbers, and addresses. Customers trust you with credit card numbers. Keep their information safe by destroying old information.

4. Data destruction helps you avoid hefty fines. When there is a security breach, it can often lead to businesses losing thousands of dollars in various penalties and fines. The best offense is a good defense. Help to avoid an expensive security breach by having your old data destroyed.

5. Data destruction is a tremendous help to the environment. When e-waste is properly recycled, it keeps old hard drives and other devices out of the landfills. This is important as e-waste carries trace amounts of toxic chemicals that contaminate soil and water supplies when left in landfills. By keeping e-waste out of landfills, your company is doing its part in protecting planet earth.


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