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The Importance of Data Destruction

Importance of Data Destruction

A computer’s hard drive contains valuable information. From business passwords to personal account details that could lead to identify theft, your hard drive contains a lot of important information. If you’re planning to get rid of an old computer at home or in the office, it is imperative to permanently destroy all data stored on the computer.

Data should be treated as a valuable currency. What is data destruction? Data destruction is the process of destroying all data stored on a hard drives, tapes, hard disks, flash drives or any other storage device. Safe data destruction encompasses more than simply clicking ‘delete’ on your files on your computer. When a device is physically destroyed, it is rendered completely unusable, most frequently by disintegrating, shredding, or crushing the media.

At Desert Computer Solutions, our data destruction service will securely destroy all data on your hard drive. This complete data destruction service is performed locally at our secured facility in Tempe. We provide a Certificate of Data Destruction to each of our customers upon request. Our certificates include a complete list of serial numbers, make, model and date of destruction for all media. We will recycle your computer and we follow all Arizona and Federal regulations and guidelines to recycle your e-waste responsibly.

Contact Desert Computer Solutions today at 602-295-5918 to properly dispose and destroy all data on your old computer or learn more about our electronic recycling here.

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