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Top 7 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Computer

1. Budget The first thing most of us are constrained by is our budget. It might be best to choose a refurbished computer at a fraction of the cost. Buying refurbished is a cost-effective way to get a high-quality computer at a low price.

2. Processor This is an especially crucial factor when choosing a computer. The processor is the main component of a computer. It runs all the processes and will determine how fast information is processed. Intel chips are known to be superior to AMD for a small price increase.

3. RAM (Memory) The more rams you have, the more applications you can open at one time. 4Gb of RAM is basic nowadays. 8GB is what most people require. 16GB is for more of a power user such as gamers or video & photo editors.

4. Hard Drive or Solid-State Drive A solid state drive is much faster than a conventional hard drive, but more expensive. If its storage size you seek, then a conventional drive is a fantastic way to save money. It might be best to choose both a small solid-state drive to run your software and a large hard drive for data storage.

5. Video Graphics All computers come with graphics built in. My recommendation is to choose something a little better from NVIDIA or AMD. The screen resolution will be much better.

6. Computer Software Most computers come loaded with Windows 10. You can upgrade to Windows 11 at no cost.

7. Anti-Virus Software The last thing to do with the actual computer is good anti-virus software. This is important in protecting your computer. It is not if you are attacked, its when.


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