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Windows 11

With Windows 11, Microsoft changes up its desktop operating system, giving it a fresh new look featuring a centered Taskbar, rounded corners, and new textures. Despite this new design, using Windows 11 doesn't feel drastically different from Windows 10. Many of the updates are surface tweaks rather than deep changes, and it still runs all familiar applications. Coming after six years of upgrades, this major overhaul to the world’s most popular desktop operating system gives Windows users something to get very excited about. In September 2022, Windows 11 got its first major feature update (22H2), which is still rolling out to eligible recipients. It includes new tabs for File Explorer, and updates to the Taskbar, Start Menu, and accessibility features, as well as new touch-screen options. The 22H2 version also brings fresh apps, such as the ClipChamp video editor and the Sound Recorder. The new security feature, Smart App Control, prevents the installation of malicious applications. 22H2 is a required update, as the is now over a year old.


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