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Avoiding Static Build-Up

            Something that is all too common when it comes to computers – particularly laptops – is the build up of static electricity causing a problem. Maybe you start to experience an arrant keyboard or your PC simply will not turn on. You take it to a computer repair shop and they return it to you fixed, only for the issue to pop up again in a month. Well, what could be happening is a build up of excess electricity in the system. Laptops are especially susceptible to this problem due to their portability – people carry them around in bags all day. So what can you do to avoid the headache that can come from the build-up?

One of the main things to avoid is setting your laptop…well, on your lap. Keeping it up against fabric can cause static electricity and should be done only on rare occasions. A table, particularly wood or metal, is a much better alternative. If you really need that computer on your lap, consider a lap desk of some sort!


Another good method is to periodically power cycle your machine. Disconnect it from power (that includes the battery in a laptop) and hold the power button down for a good minute or two. That will help discharge the electricity and prevent any issues it may cause. Often times this is the solution to a myriad of random problems that your PC can have.


Check out your carrying case. Odds are, the fabric may be something that is rubbing against your computer and that may in turn be building up electricity. Maybe consider something like a silicon sleeve or anti-static bag to use as your carrying companion.

            Do not be afraid to take it to a computer repair shop! Technicians will be able to help you determine if static build-up is causing your grief, or if a different solution is needed. If it is determined that static electricity is sabotaging your system, try some of the methods above to alleviate symptoms. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on your computer’s health, and do what you can to keep it running smoothly!


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