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Guide to Network Cables

Choosing a network cable can be very confusing. Which one should you purchase, and do you need any tools to install it? There are a few questions that might come to mind as you shop around.

Why might you want Ethernet cable as opposed to Wi-Fi? If you are a gamer or stream 4K & HDR content, then Ethernet is the way to go. If you need complete reliability (not including your internet service provider) then Ethernet is the way to go.

Network cables come in a wide variety. Consider the following before making your selection. Here are some choices:

  • Color

  • Speed

  • Quality

  • Price

The above items are the biggest decisions to consider when network cabling.:


It does not matter what color you use. Network Cable color is not important. It is only used to distinguish between different apparatus it connects to. For example, you may use one color for data cable, one color for VOIP cable and another for cameras. This makes it easier to see what a particular cable connects to.


The speed of your network cable matters greatly. I would recommend at least CAT6 cable for all applications. Anything less is obsolete.


The best type of network cable is plenum. Plenum cable is safe to install anywhere indoors. Riser cable is cheaper but has many restrictions as to where and how it gets installed.


Buying cheap network cable is never a good idea. It is not worth it and will make you pay in the end. Always use quality products for best performance.


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