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How to Dispose of an Old Printer

How to Dispose of an Old Printer

What do you do with a printer when it dies or when you upgrade to the newest model. Printers are one of the most common electronic items in the work place. Printers don’t have a long shelf life and most companies or homes are constantly replacing old printers with new ones. A common problem is how to dispose of your office or home printer.

Many people assume that they can just throw their old printer in the garbage to be sent away to the dump. Getting rid of an old printer is just like most other electronics in that you can’t just throw them away. The ink in printer cartridges has toxic substances and cannot be thrown away like other trash. Some cities and states charge fines to companies that don’t responsibly recycle or remove certain pieces from their electronics before they hit the trash bin. Recycling your old printer or copier is one of the best options to getting rid of that old piece of equipment.

Printer cartridges are usually recycled separately from the printer machine. There are many retailers that have drop box locations where you can bring in the used cartridge for recycling. At Desert Computer Solutions, we will take the entire printer and ensure safe recycling of both the printer and printer cartridges.

Another important factor with an old printer is that many printers now have software that keeps certain preferences like phone numbers and employee data. It is important to restore your old printer before removal or when you recycle with Desert Computer Solutions, we will ensure all data is erased from the device before recycling.

Are you in the process printer or just have an old one sitting around? Contact Desert Computer Solutions today at 602-295-5918 to properly dispose of your old printer or learn more about our electronic recycling here.


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