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3 Things to Consider When Returning Your Business to In Person

Returning Your Business to In Person

With COVID-19, many businesses moved out of the office and had their employees and teams working remote at home. With businesses slowly starting to return to in person offices, it is imperative to take into consideration your employees’ safety and health but also essential to make sure that your office’s technology is right for the move.

Here are 3 technology things to consider when returning your business to in person:

1. Office Facility

Many companies will be moving to a brand new office space as they return to in person work. It is important to look at the building’s infrastructure to determine how your company will need to cable and set up your network. At Desert Computer Solutions, we can assistant to determine which cabling and network is best for your business.

2. Internet Provider

Quality internet connection is essential to ensure employees can work efficiently and stay productive. It is critical that you have the correct bandwidth and that depends on your business needs. Such as how many employees you have, what types of software they use and the number of devices will influence the bandwidth that is required for your business operations. Not only is bandwidth an important factor but the reliability of the service is equallly important when choosing an internet provider.

3. Hardware & Software

As you start looking for new office space, it is also important to ensure that you have the appropriate software licensing with programs like Office 365, certain anti-spam software and email service certificates. You may also need to purchase new hardware for each user’s workstations, as well as looking into your network setup to determine if you’ll need to upgrade your current server or move to a cloud-based program.

Desert Computer Solutions can help with all of your company's IT needs. We can send trained computer service technicians anywhere in the Arizona east valley. Our onsite IT services are perfect for businesses preparing a new office network or cabling for when employees return. Call Desert Computer Solutions today at 602-295-5918 or learn more about our business IT services here.


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