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What is an On-Site IT Contractor

On-site IT services in Phoenix, AZ | Desert Computer Solutions

Most employees are not savvy enough to handle complex IT issues. Most business need support setting up office needs like a peer to peer network, shared internet access, dedicated servers, computer issue support and more. When there’s a simple or complex problem with hardware at your office, an on-site IT contractor can come out to fix it.

An on-site IT contractor can provide expertise while your company can save money by not hiring a full time IT employee. Most small to medium businesses don’t have enough IT work for a full-time employee. Managed IT contractors provide a broad scope of expertise. Because IT contractors work with many businesses, they have usually seen or solved most problems that your business may encounter. IT contractors stay on top of the latest technology and can make experienced recommendations for your specific business needs.

What business IT needs does an on-site contractor handle?

  • Network cabling

  • Dedicated server installation

  • Backup solutions

  • Router and firewall configuration

  • Cable runs and installation

  • Printer installation

  • Data recovery

  • Troubleshooting computer issues

  • Ongoing computer support

  • Network support

  • Most computer issues

  • Shared Internet access

  • Most common IT challenges

At Desert Computer Solutions, we provide comprehensive on-site IT support for businesses in the East Valley. Our highly trained staff will provide cost-effective IT support that is tailored to your company’s needs. Contact Desert Computer Solutions today at 602-295-5918 to or learn more about our IT services here.


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